Private Resorts in Davao City

Davao City is among the best tourist destinations in the country, with its rich culture and countless attractions that one must visit. The city has a vast landmass to house numerous resorts, which are the best destination alternatives in the lowlands and the hinterlands.

Whether you want a cool and breezy weekend or you want to experience the bustle of the city, you would indeed find easily accessible and convenient resorts both for tourists and locals alike. So for an easier find, this list of private resorts will guide you where to go when you want a weekend getaway or when you want to tour the city.

Eden Nature Park and Resort


Twenty-four kilometers south of Davao City in the highland of Bayabas, Toril located the Eden Nature Park and Resort. It is one of the city’s best and most visited resorts that offers exciting adventures, warm accommodation, and excellent gourmet cuisine. At the Vista restaurant, you will enjoy al fresco dining with a buffet of homegrown fruits and vegetables complemented by live entertainment in the evening during dinnertime.

After partaking in a sumptuous meal, you will enjoy a chilly evening at the villas and cottages where you can spend the night intimately with family, friends, and loved ones. In the daytime, you can spend your time on many outdoor activities like the attractions at the deer park, the flower garden, or enjoy bird watching. You can also try recreational activities like the guided shuttle tour, the sky rider, skycycle, and many more.

Loleng’s Mountain Spring Resort


Also located at Eden, Bayabas, Toril, Davao City is a mountain resort at a sprawling eighty-hectare land, the Loleng’s Mountain Spring Resort. It is a nature-themed resort equipped with a spring water swimming pool, a vast playground, a chapel, sports facilities, and a restaurant.

When visiting the resort, you can choose between two accommodations; the day tour and overnight stay. On a day tour, you have to pay an entrance fee of fifty pesos per head plus the cottage you would want to rent to relax or gather.

Meanwhile, you can use the rooms and cottages equipped with air conditioning, a hot and cold shower, a television, a kitchen, and a living room for an overnight stay.

Malagos Garden Resort

The 12-hectare Malagos Garden Resort is located in Baguio District, Davao City. The resort is an eco-friendly place advocating an agri-ecotourism practice in maintaining the trees, plants, and wildlife that becomes a must-see attraction.

So if you want to be one with nature, spend forty-five minutes traveling from the city, and you will get to commune with nature and experience activities like interacting with animals and horseback riding. You can also learn from the state-of-the-art educational museums, and most of all, get to experience chocolate making, which is among the main reasons to visit the Malagos Garden Resort.

Buda Bali Resort and Spa

buda bali

Staying at Buda Bali in the hinterland of Marahan, Marilog District is a beautiful experience certainly enjoyed by locals and tourists. You will feel the serenity of the breathtaking landscape, a very relaxing temperature, and the services of the accommodating staff who are very attentive to every guest’s needs.

Some of the great activities you would love are relaxing at the hot kawa bath or diving at the natural-spring swimming pool and the idyllic bonfire that you will surround as the evening sets in.

D’ Leonor Inland Resort and Adventure Park

de leonor

D’ Leonor Inland Resort and Adventure Park is a place to visit when you want to mix adventure, business function, and relaxation. It is located at Purok 5, Barangay Communal, Cabantian, Davao City, just a few minutes from the city. The resort provides a pleasant experience to its guests with superb facilities and amenities, helpful staff, and quality services.

At D’ Leonor Inland Resort and Adventure Park, you can have a long list of outdoor activities like fishing, motorized water sports, playing golf, and many others.

So when you want to discover the beauty of Davao City, check out the resorts listed above for your utmost relaxation and adventure.

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