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Gethsemane Garden is a private secluded retreat area located in the mountains of the Marilog district. It is approximately 90 kilometers from Davao proper. It is a place for prayer & meditation, retreat & relaxation, and for family bonding. A quiet get away from the city where there is no internet connection and phone signal. A place where you can appreciate the company of family, friends and beauty of nature. More birds have landed in Gethsemane Garden with our inflatable birds! The pools are great places to relax. Whether at day or night, the beauty of Gethsemane Garden can be enjoyed at anytime. We have the poolside “Bahay Kubo” is perfect if you’re traveling alone or with friends. Gethsemane Garden provides support for the families of the local Matigsalug tribe. This warmhearted community helps maintain Gethsemane Garden for everyone to enjoy. Want to plan your next vacation? We will wait on your next drop here at Gethsemane Garden.

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