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ISLA RETA Beach Resort is spectacular! Its sand crumbly and its water are crystal clear. This Island Resort is just a 45 minute trip if you are coming from the Davao City Sta. Ana wharf. ISLA RETA Beach Resort is a unique getaway from the city’s stressful life. What is so cool with this resort is that one can bring in their own food, although one needs to pay for corkage when bringing in beverages. But for those who hate the stress of preparing the food, the resort has its own food house. The best time to lie in your hammock at certain times of the day when there are some water bugs than can make you start itching. ISLA RETA Beach Resort is wonderful one of the few places where one can find total relaxation. ISLA RETA is famous for its white sand bars enveloped by the clearest turquoise waters..

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